"Raising Standards in Kitchen Extraction, Ventilation and Kitchen Deep Cleaning throughout Scotland"

VentPro ltd is a family run specialist kitchen ventilation cleaning company, based in Dumbartonshire, with commercial contracts spanning the whole of Scotland and the UK. We are passionate about providing the highest level of TR/19 duct work cleaning.

As a company we feel that it's important to ensure that all of our clients are informed and updated on the Food Standards Agency law EC852 2004. This is the law under which the Food Standards Agency holds the right to close a premises if certified (TR/19) cleaning and maintenance has been neglected.

VentPro is lucky enough to have have a team of fully trained and passionate staff with years of combined experience. We aim to change the way in which people view the ventilation cleaning service as a whole with our friendly personable and knowledgeable approach.

Approximately 40% of restaurant and hotel fires start in the kitchen. Once started, fires within kitchen ventilation systems are extremely difficult to extinguish, often due to inaccessibility. These kitchen fires can cause premises to be closed for considerable lengths of time. Many never reopen! With the correct level of maintenance and cleaning the risk of fire is dramatically reduced. 

Whats Included with our service.

  • TR/19 Certificate - recognised by insurance companies, Fire Marshals and F.S.A inspectors
  • Detailed Before and After Pictures of Ventilation System
  • Before and After grease level readings in microns
  • Full clean of; Plenum Chamber, Canopy Spigot, Fire Dampers, Volume Control Dampers, Attenuators, Discharge Grilles, Canopy Filters and all associated Ducting.
  • Post Clean Report - Containing recommendations of changes/updates that we would recommend to make your system safer and more accessible.
  • C.O.S.H.H and Method Page - Detailing the cleaning method used e.g. Manual Scrape, Wipe, Chemical or steam.

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Duct Cleaning - Before And After Image

Recommended cleaning frequency for commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation systems:

Heavy use: 12 - 16 hours per day = 3 monthly clean

Medium use: 6 - 12 hours per day = 6 monthly clean

Light use: 2 - 6 hours per day = 12 monthly clean